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Home At Sweet Sculpting we specialize in wedding cakes.  Your big day is too important to be stressing about the whether your cake will come out perfect.  We put the bride first at Sweet Sculpting.  There are many cake shops for you to choose from in Houston and we will set ourselves apart with our handmade flowers, cake quality and our exceptional attention to our customers needs and requests.  Tell us your dream and we can make it happen.  Custom Wedding Cakes, by appointment only.            

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 Home Sweet Sculpting, Custom Cakes 713-560-0416 Wedding Cakes-Birthday Cakes-Cupcakes-Bachelor Cakes-Baby Shower Cakes Whatever kind of cake you want, Sweet Sculpting can make it a reality.  At Sweet Sculpting we can create your dream flowers of edible sugars.  We specialize in custom designs that you can’t find anywhere else.   Custom orders do need at least 1-2 weeks lead time (wedding cakes & 3D cakes require longer) depending on the request.  View our gallery and see if we can inspire you. Call:  713-560-0416 To request a quote or place an order please Email: Email:


I want to personally thank each of you who have come out to support Sweet Sculpting.  Due to popular demand, I have created this post so that people can post their reviews of our cakes and flavors.

Why Custom costs more

Home I recently finished my Minions project for my niece and during the project I realized I cannot make these for anyone else.  That is, unless someone wants to pay what they are really worth!  I love sculpting, and I Love the look on people’s faces when they see my finished product.  Unfortunately, the time it takes to make some of these renders them impossible to offer unless people want to spend 300-400 dollars on them.  I highly doubt that is the case.  So, I decided to show everyone the steps it takes to make these minions so that the world would understand why custom costs more. The fastest step was creating the bodies.  The eyes took quite a bit longer.  First you have to make the white, then the brown, then you add the pupil.  After that I added the strap around the head.        Then I had to create goggles.  This was done by wrapping a straw in gumpaste and then cutting rings around it.  I slid each ring off gently and then painted with silver edible paint.  Once this was done then the goggles were placed on the minions.  Next to give the appearance of glass in the goggles I used clear piping gel in each eye.  We are already up to 5 hours of work to get each of these items done.       Now the minions need clothes.  I could have just painted them on… but I thought 3 dimensional clothing was better.  So i created each individual overall for my minions.  Then I placed arms and had to cut hands.  Each finger had to be cut and shaped.  Shoes had to be made.  And then finally straps.       Now that they have clothes, they needed their mouths completed.  For the purple ones this meant teeth!  A few of each color got tongues… I mean why not?? Then I had to add hair.  I used gumpaste for the yellow Minions and I made homemade cotton candy for the purple minions.  All hands were painted black to look like gloves.  Overall I spent 4 days working on these minions with a minimum of 5 hours each day.  I think they came out pretty good… but I don’t expect to accept any orders for small detailed creatures unless I charge what they are worth.  These were for my niece…. so her smile fully pays the bill!!  Happy Birthday Isabella!              

Birthday Cakes

Home   Have a special birthday coming up? Most requests can be created with only 3-5 days notice.